Title IV Consulting

David A Levy CPA PC believes that if you already have a Title IV auditor that you like, you should stay with them. However, auditors cannot provide both audit and consulting work to the same client because this will sacrifice their independence. We offer Title IV consulting to schools that do not currently use David A Levy CPA PC for their audits. With our consulting, you school will be better prepared for your annual audit and will have ample time to correct any potential findings that we come across. Some of our consulting services include:

-Perform internal audit of students’ files prior to the year end so the management can correct errors noted
-Perform interim composite score analysis. To be considered financially viable by the USDOE all institutions must maintain a minimum 1.5 composite score.
-Perform interim 90/10 analysis.
-Conversion of for profit schools to non-profit schools
-Mergers and Acquisitions
-Succession plannning